Beaching it with my captain is beautiful for multiple reasons:

He is a water baby, and is so at peace when we are on the shore.

When I swim along side him (which has happened like 2 times in the 5.5 years we’ve been together) I catch him stealing glances at me, and doing that little half smile that he does.

He lets me wear his wedding ring (because the man is sooo paranoid about losing it in the water) and I get to soak in all the beauty of having both our wedding rings on the same hand at once.

I get beach snuggles, which are one of my favourite kinds of snuggles.

After, when we get home, even after we take a shower, his skin still smells like sunshine and warm air, and he lets me nuzzle into him and soak it all up.

Basically. I just love being with my human. I’m the luckiest.

jess150196 asked:

You are gorgeous!! So jealous of your Legs! How tall are you? Sorry for asking it, being 5'10, I know how annoying that gets sometimes ;) xx

I’m five eleven, so I’ve only got an inch on you!!

I wear heels every day tho, so typically I’m at least 6’1”.

My proportions are just really cool. I’m like 60% leg, 40% body. It’s awesome.

Look. I wasted more time

"Hey Megg, what are you doing on this beautiful Thursday night in early August?"

“Oh you know, just editing a million photos!”

It’s ok tho. My human bought me the chair I was begging for, and I just got some new prints to hang! (I haven’t hung them yet, but my office walls are pretty sweet anyhow)