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There swingers everywhere, even Laconia. I'm not one but have heard that there is a resurgence of the lifestyle with younger people. I live South of you and have friends in NH

Well that’s an interesting piece of knowledge. But we aren’t interested.

Anonymous asked:

Someone from Manchester told me that you and your husband were at a swingers party recently, so yeah, honest question

Oh! Hahaha! No. We are not swingers, nor have we ever been invited to hang out with swingers.
Also, Manchester has a population of swingers? This I was unaware of. Also also, I know about 6 people who are from Manchester. So unless you can give me a name, I HIGHLY DOUBT someone “from Manchester” gave you this false information.

Beaching it with my captain is beautiful for multiple reasons:

He is a water baby, and is so at peace when we are on the shore.

When I swim along side him (which has happened like 2 times in the 5.5 years we’ve been together) I catch him stealing glances at me, and doing that little half smile that he does.

He lets me wear his wedding ring (because the man is sooo paranoid about losing it in the water) and I get to soak in all the beauty of having both our wedding rings on the same hand at once.

I get beach snuggles, which are one of my favourite kinds of snuggles.

After, when we get home, even after we take a shower, his skin still smells like sunshine and warm air, and he lets me nuzzle into him and soak it all up.

Basically. I just love being with my human. I’m the luckiest.