antiisocialmedia asked:

What would be your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse if you couldn't have a gun?

A bully rag.


I have never used a gun, so in the off chance that zombies do take over, I would be a very bad shot anyway.

So yeah, a bully rag, or maybe a sword? That would probably be better, cuz I wouldn’t have to get very close.


 Jake and I have discussed this a few times, and he decided a while ago that if zombies were in fact taking over, he would just kill me on the spot. That way, I would never have the chance to be eaten, and he wouldn’t have to worry about my safety. Romantic, isn’t it?

 What about you? Can I guess? I feel like you would look wicked bad ass if you used a wooden spike. ALA Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Does that work for zombies?

  1. antiisocialmedia said: I don’t think a wooden spike would work for zombies, but I still want one if it makes me a total bad ass. After careful consideration I decided I would want to wield a samurai sword and a metal baseball bat
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